Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

This mystery takes place at Broomstick Hall, School for Little Witches.  The Headmistress Miss Terry’s Magic Ring has been stolen, and she has called 8 of the schools Witch students to ask their whereabouts during the time of the crime.


Which suspect will you be Winny Wand, Samantha Spiderlegs or even Grace Ghostly?  Which suspect had the motive, the opportunity and means to steal the ring?


Product Summary

Who has taken Miss Terry’s Wishing Ring is a game for eight or more players, designed to be played at a party at home.  The story is set in Broomstick Hall, a school for young witches.  Each player takes the part of one of the characters in the story, all of which are accused of stealing Miss Terry’s Wishing Ring.  Extra players can participate in the game, by either pretending to be a teacher at the school, or as other pupils.  They will not have information sheets, but they can listen to the story, ask questions of the characters and guess the identity of the thief, and join in the Potions class at the end of the game.


You can choose to ask everyone to dress up as her character, this is all part of the fun.


You as the host are an important participant in the game.  It is up to you to make sure that the children know what they should be doing; to make sure that they are quiet and listening to what the others are saying, and the they have appreciated the significance of the clues as they emerge.  You will be ‘playing’ the part of Miss Terry, the Head teacher of Broomstick Hall.  Its great if you dress up for this part too, but don’t make her too scary!

Although the players are pretending to be different characters, there is no need for them to be able to act or improvise.  All the information they need is given to them and they merely have to read it out at the appropriate time.  Of course, if they wish to act and improvise, this adds to the event! 


The characters all have a whereabouts for the time of the crime; all they have to do is read this out.  There is a riddle to solve and a clue to be found hidden in the house.  There is also a secret that they must not read out loud.  They will be questioned about this when they break for tea, although they must not lie about their secret it is up to them whether they tell others about it or not. 


The players (and any other guests) attempt to work out who the thief was by deciding which character, had the motive, the opportunity and the means to committed the crime.  However, there are many red herrings to distract them!

Game includes:

8 x Invitations (for guests who are playing a character),

Non Suspect Invitations (print as many as you like)

Party planners instructions

8 x Guest Identities

8 x Scripts and Secrets

Miss Terry’s introduction

Name Labels

Clue Hunt

Guess who did it paper (print as many as you need)


Winner Certificates

Spooky Party Game Suggestions

Potions Class Instructions

Age: This party would suit older ages of girls (probably 9 years to 13 years) younger children will require more help than the older ones, ideally to play at home.

Party timing: Would probably suit a 2—3 hour party depending on how many you invite (and whether you decide to do the Potions Class), including a break for something to eat.

For a boy & girl (or all boy party) please see School for Little Horrors

Which is an adaptation of this party

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