Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

The Top Secret Service agencies around the globe have finally realised that kids make the best secret agents because they can go unnoticed, but kids notice everything!

Product Summary

Your presence is required at the next C.L.A.S.S. (Covert Learning Agency for Secret Spies) Training Session.  You will learn Observation Skill, Code Breaking, Deductive Reasoning, Clue Finding, Fingerprint detection and Disguise Techniques.


 We have received intelligence that a double agent is working covertly in the C.L.A.S.S. Training Academy.


 Your mission should you choose to take it, is to find the double agent.  Don’t worry, after your training you should be able to use all your newly gained skills to track down and expose the double agent.


 For entrance into the C.L.A.S.S. Training Academy you must learn your PASS Phrase; you will be asked “What time is it China?”  to which you must reply “The time in China is irrelevant when you are having fun”.

 Wear Black.   




 This is the beginning of the Party Invitation for this great Themed Party, imagine your child giving these out in the playground in a secret manner, telling his/her friend to open it when they are alone and not to show anyone…..what a hoot!

Each guest will be given a code name which will be on their Security Badges.  You, as Special Agent Black, will teach them spy skills that they will find invaluable when they come to tracking down the Double Agent in the second half of the party (full instructions given).


 After you break to eat, you discover something is missing (don’t want to say what as it will spoil the surprise) and in it’s place is a clue.  Follow the clues, decipher the codes, compare footprints, invisible writing, secret messages and use all the spy knowledge you have to track down the missing …


 If you are reading this out to the child who’s party it is do not read this clue, as it is part of the trail of clues (all will become clear in the Host Guide)


Clue : The Double Agent took a telephone call, just before you discovered that something had gone missing, you may find a clue by the telephone.

“Had the Spy Party with group of 7 girls and 1 boys and was fantastic. The kids all said it was the best party they went to!! The training went well and they were aged 9/10 which worked well. The mystery didn't last long as they were so keen to get to the next clue, they shared which one did each bit, we had a chocolate fountain and spy gear for them to dress up 2. It was a huge success and can't wait to do the Santa one now!! Thanks Theresea

“What can I say?!!

Your Spy party was a tremendous success. We had six boys at my son's 10th birthday party and they all had a truly fantastic time. My husband and I enjoyed it too - the host guide makes running this party easy with only a little preparation needed. The spy training manual is so well thought out, it kept the children thoroughly entertained for 2 hours. We split them into teams for some activities and the competition went down well. After a break, we did the treasure hunt which was huge hit with lots of laughs and excitement.

With 2 other children in our family you can count on us returning to buy more mysteries in future.

Thank you for your brilliantly conceived mystery game. I'm sure this party will be a talking point for some time to come!!

“My girls (6yrs. and 8 yrs.) just had the Spy Birthday Party. They said "That was the best birthday party ever". We had 11 girls and boys from 5-11 years old. Everyone enjoyed greatly. Thanks!!!! The Self Family, Lindale, Tx”

Age: Would probably best suite ages 9 to 12

Party timing: Would probably suite a 2 hour party, including a break for something to eat.


· Host Guide (Instructions)

· SPY Manuals (Print as many as you need)

· Themed Invitation to the Party

· Themed Thank You Notes

· C.L.A.S.S. Signs

· Code Names x 14 (1 for Agent Black, 1 for Agent White) if you need more just ask.



· Postcard & Stamp

· White Wax Candle

· Pads and Pencils

· Disguises (Hats, Coats, Moustaches etc) - Optional

Hi Kim,


Just thought I would send you a note about my son's spy party. It was my son's 8th Birthday and we had 14 boys attend( plus one little brother and sister!). It was by far the best party we have had and the children had a blast! Sam said it was the best party ever and his mates gave it a 10 out of 10. We couldn't have done it without the spy party package though!


The agents all had a number to help with the mystery treasure hunt and could tell what clue they needed to work out as I numbered them all the clues. We also had a disguise relay, with 2 teams against each other. They had to dress up with a long coat , hat and disguise glasses and then run up and down the tennis court. We laughed so much, during the party and everyone enjoyed it. It won't be a party anyone will forget and will be a great family memory.


Thank you so very much,




Adelaide , Australia

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the spy party.


It was my son's 9th birthday party and we wanted to organise something a bit different and which would provide good value for money. This certainly hit the mark!


The party was broken up into 2 sections with the spy party coming in the second part after the party food. Because we were limited on time a bit of careful tweaking was required, so we didn't do the full CLASS training manual section. We also decided to hide the party bags instead of the birthday presents so the kids had to solve the clues if they wanted to take a party bag home. We organised various disguises - hats, silly glasses and funny moustaches - which the kids had great fun in donning and, after a quick photo session it was on to solving the mystery. The clues were pitched at just the right level for the age range of the kids at the party (8-9 years) as they were able to solve themselves with just a wee bit of assistance on a couple of them. All in all it took about 45 minutes from start to finish with the pace just right to keep the kids attention. Once the final clues were solved, the excitement was so great I had 5 kids running outside with just socks on their feet to find the party bags and the clue to identifying the secret agent. Thankfully the weather was on our side and it was nice and dry but, in any event, there's no time to worry about putting on shoes when you're a spy with a mystery to be solved!

Thanks again for a fun and memorable party. The feedback from the kids was great and they can't wait until the next one!


Thanks again.


Hi Kim,

We just had my son’s 8th birthday and did your Spy Party.  There were 9 eight year olds, a mix of boys and girls.  It turned out to be very enjoyable.  I had a great time teaching the class even though some of them had longer attention spans than others!  I had a couple of very talented cryptologists in the group. They got quite silly trying the flag codes, everyone was doing them backwards from the pictures, it was very cute.  The book code and deductive reasoning were a bit above them so I told them to practice those at home.  They enjoyed the observation exercises and trying on disguises was also a hit!

The most fun though was watching them run around in  a pack solving the clues, yelling and giggling and just being kids. 

Everyone was talking about it at school the next day!  I think a few of the parents will be visiting your site.

Thanks for helping us create the Spy Party my son has been asking for. 




Hi Kim,


We just had the party and we really enjoyed it. We first did the training and that was already fun. After they had all passed their spy 'exam' they were aloud to choose their spy name. This really motivated them to participate well.


The spy names for me and my husband were also funny. When I asked the kids who they thought was special agent Black and White they thought that I was special agent white, just because I have a white skin. As my husband is dark skinned they thought he was agent Black. But we reversed it and said that the special agents had already tricked them and that a spy never does the obvious!

We really had big fun and they all wanted to read the messages. They were great in solving the riddles.

I was really impressed by the kids.


Thank you so much and I already look forward to next years party!!


Kind regards,





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My son and his friends (aged 10)  give this party 10/10 rating . They really enjoyed it. Some said it was "awesome".  They did not want it to end.


I had to amend the final clue of a car boot as there were  health and safety concerns from the venue  about the children being in the car park (School sports hall) so I wrote my own clue to direct them to the foyer where my niece another special agent was waiting.


I also extended the party by getting them to ask questions to establish the identity of the double agent.


Great party would an have fully recommend your products.