Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

Once-upon-a-time there was a little girl who wanted to be a princesses and dance and play games for her birthday.  Her mother, the Queen, was too busy with her queenly duties as all mothers are, and wondered how to pull-off such an affair and still stay sane?  The Queen made a wish, and poof, out of thin air this birthday idea appeared!

Product Summary

The Princess’ Party is going well, her guests have arrived, dressed in their finest princess attire, they have danced and played games and have had such fun, and now it is time for the Princess to sit on her Throne and open the gifts her guest have brought for her.


Each guest in turn presents a gift for the Princess, but when it is time for her to open the gift given to her by the King and Queen of Fairyland, she discovers the precious Tiara they have given her is missing.


In it’s place a clue.  The Princess gathers the other princess and together they follow the clues to find the missing Tiara.


A very simple Princess themed party, with minimal preparation needed.


· Host Guide (All you need to know for a great party)

· Themed Invitation to the Party

· Themed Thank you notes

· 15 Princess Themed Clues “Princess Tiara Hunt”

· Printable props and Games to play


· Tiara

· Lipstick

Other Games to play:


 “Kiss the Frog Prince”  - Pucker up for this one

“Pass the Teapot” - A sweet delight

“The Necklace Station” - Something to take home with you.

 “Building Castles” - Be creative.

“Cinderella’s Lost Slipper” - The hunt is not over.

“Princess May I?” -  A step in the right direction!

“Snow White Poison Apple Game” - Be the last princess standing.

“Frogs feet Fairytale Bingo” - Great to calm it down before your guest go home.

 “Slaying the Dragon” - The grand finale

Age: This party would suit younger ages of girls (4 years to 8 years) younger children will require more help than the older ones, ideally to play at home.

Party timing: Would probably suit a 2 hour party depending on how many you invite (as the games take longer to play), including a break for something to eat.

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