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About Us and the Parties

I love parties, and have always loved the chance to throw a kid’s party for my children, or to help other parents to organise a party for their offspring.


Kid’s expect so much more these days, with theme parks, great children’s films and entertainment coming out of their ears.  These parties are written for the parent who doesn’t just want to give their kids a great party, they want to make memories and give them a party that they, and their friends, will remember and talk about for a long time.

Kim Hambridge


Kids Mystery Parties



The parties are designed for Primary School age children 5 - 12 years (younger children will need more help than the older ones, I suggest you keep parties for younger children to a smaller number or invite other adults to help out).  They are based on clue hunt/treasure hunt ideas unlike the traditional Murder Mystery Parties which are based on a script idea, I find younger kids can get bored with these and if they struggle with reading or are embarrassed about reading out load this takes away a lot of the enjoyment of the party.  (The only exception to this is the Little School of Horrors and Little School of Witches games which have scripted characters, I suggest the age suitability for these games is 10 –13 years.)


All these parties are designed to play at home, at a local community hall, or even a school event.  To be hosted easily and inexpensively by yourself.  The approximate time needed for most parties is 2—2.5 hrs.


I try to make my party ideas as simple, and inexpensive as possible for the host, and as exciting and fun for the guests.  Why hire an expensive entertainer when you can do it yourself!


The mystery party ideas are different; the guests at your party won’t have played these games before.  Mysteries appeal to everyone, because we are all inquisitive, curious human beings.  The parties require the children to use their brains, their imagination is stimulated, but most of all they are FUN.


The games/parties are not boxed commercial games, they are designed to be printed from your computer and are my own invention.   All games are delivered via e-mail or via immediate download, and are GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY from £6.00 to £10.00 each ($12 to $20 US Dollars), if you require postal delivery please make an enquiry as printing, packaging and postage charges will be added.  If you would like a price in another currency please ask.


BY THE WAY, AS IT’S DIFFICULT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE GETTING WHEN YOU PURCHASE ON THE INTERNET—WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION– IF YOU PURCHASE, AND THE PARTY IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUR NEEDS PLEASE LET US KNOW AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL MONEY REFUND (Only available within 14 days of purchase.)  Please note that the links to the party downloads are changed regularly—we will send you the new link to the party as long as you have not requested a refund.


If you would like to ask any questions please email me

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