Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

Price: £10.00, $20.00USD

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The Top Secret Service agencies around the globe have finally realised that kids make the best secret agents because they can go unnoticed, but kids notice everything!  Learn Spy skills, then use them to track down a Double Agent and missing birthday gifts.


Price: £8.00, $16.00USD

Text Box: Professor Von Brown, a famous archaeologist and Ancient Egypt expert is about to make an exciting discovery on an Egyptian dig at the Temple of King Tut.  You are invited to translate Ancient Egyptian, follow a trail of clues and eventually solve a murder!
Text Box: EGYPTIAN PARTY  - Who killed Professor Von Brown?

Price: £8.00, $16.00USD

Whilst clearing out your attic an old chest is found that belonged to your great-great-grandfather, who was a pirate, in this chest you find a piece of old treasure map.  Your guests  are invited to help find the lost pirate treasure hidden over two hundred years ago?  


Price: £8.00, $16.00USD

If your kids are Scooby Doo fans what better than recreating a Scooby Doo Mystery in a spectacular birthday party to be enjoyed by them and their friends, it will be the talk of the school yard!

Text Box: SCOOBY DOO MYSTERY PARTY - The Case of the Headless Horseman

Price: £7.00, $14.00USD

Once-upon-a-time there was a little girl who wanted to be a princesses and dance and play games for her birthday.  Her mother, the Queen, was too busy with her queenly duties as all mothers are, and wondered how to pull-off such an affair and still stay sane?  The Queen made a wish, and poof, out of thin air this birthday idea appeared!


Once a year the fairies of Moonbeam Forest get together for a party  where they feast and dance till dawn.  But this year all is not well the fairy Queen Tania Delores has misplaced her magic fairy ring.  Will the other fairies be able to follow clues and help her find it?

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Price: £8.00, $16.00USD

Text Box: FAIRY PARTY - The Moonbeam Fairy Forest Mystery

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Price: £6.00, $12.00USD


Price: £7.00, $14.00USD

Text Box: CHRISTMAS PARTY—Who Killed Santa?

Price: £6.00, $12.00USD

Text Box: HALLOWEEN PARTY—Headless Horseman Head Hunt

Price: £10.00, $20.00USD

Text Box: SCHOOL FOR LITTLE WITCHES (Great for a Birthday or Halloween)        GIRLS

Price: £10.00, $20.00USD


A real ho-down of a party as the cowboys and cowgirls play games to round up them there missing steers—no mystery here but a lot of  cowpoke fun.  Ye ha!

A bit of Christmas fun for the whole family, great to play at your family get together or as part of a Christmas Party, suitable for all ages (3 to 103), full of laughter, and very original.  Watch out for the surprise ending!

If your kids are into ghouls and ghosts and things that go bump in the night, than this is a party for them.  Set the scene.  Dim the lights, decorate your home with spider web and put some spooky music on the CD player. This Halloween a Ghost is visiting!

The headmistress of  Broomstick Hall School for Little Witches, Miss Terry, has had her magic ring stolen, she gathers the 8 suspects together to question them on their whereabouts, can your Little Witch guests work out which one of them did it?

The head of Gravestone Manor School for Little Horrors, Prof Carloff, has had his/her magic wish ring stolen, he/she has gathers the 8 suspects together to question them on their whereabouts, can your Little Horror guests work out which one of them did it?

All Easter Egg Hunts now on dedicated web site

Text Box: HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY (New for the Summer!)

It is the Princesses birthday and Volcano King HunkyDoDa has hidden the party treasure, the princess and her guests follow clues that lead them to Hawaiian activities that they will offer to the King to appease him and hope that eventual he will give them the final clue to find the missing party treasure.