Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

It is the Princesses birthday and Volcano King HunkyDoDa has hidden the party treasure, the princess and her guests follow clues that lead them to Hawaiian themed activities that they will offer to the King to appease him and hope that eventual he will give them the final clue to find the missing party treasure.

Product Summary

It is the Princesses birthday and Volcano King HunkyDoDa has hidden the party treasure, the princess and her guests must make offerings to the King: Leis made from hibiscus flowers, fresh fruit, sweet cakes, palms leaves, sand ornaments and more.† Your guests follow the clues that lead to activities to honour the Volcano King until he is pleased enough to give them the party treasure.


There are games to play, things to make, and lots of fun to be had by all.


You can use this party as a complete childrenís party, of just use parts of it as activities for the kids for a family party, it is very flexible.† But you are sure to find lots of ideas for your Hawaiian themed party.


 Host Guide (Instructions)

 Themed Invitation to the Party

 Printable props

 Extra bits (see below)


 Various inexpensive bits and pieces for the activities

Hawaiian Games/Activities:


Message in a bottle

Make a Lei

Hoola Hoola

Coconut Cakes

Your name in Hawaiian

Pineapple and Coconut Skittles


Limbo Limbo

Sand Lights

Pass the Tiki Torch


Extra Bits Iíve thrown in that you might find useful:


How to make a Tiki Bar

Hawaiian Themed Domino Game

Luau Recipes

How to Hula Dance


If you are not sure what you will be getting, how the download method works, or any general question please take a look at the Frequently Asked Question Page (FAQ).

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Hi Kim


Just a quick email to let you know how we got on with the Hawaiian treasure hunt party that we had for my daughter's 8th birthday.  The party was a huge success, the children had a fantastic time and are all still talking about it!  After the initial panic of leaving everything to the last minute, I wondered if I could pull it off, but the girls all really enjoyed themselves and the time passed so quickly that we didn't get to do everything I had planned. 


Before the guests came we set up a mini beach in the garden (thankfully the weather was good), using old bits of sand coloured carpet, blue dust sheets, buckets and spades, and a lot of imagination!.  I had ordered some cheap grass skirts and leis off the internet so all the girls got straight into character; my 10 year old son was King Hungy DoDa and he distributed jelly babies as prizes during each activity.  The girls threw themselves into each activity with great enthusiasm.  They loved the cocktails - I just bought lots of different fruit juices, some umbrellas and stirrers and some plastic champagne glasses, and let them get on with it!  We rounded off the party with lots of dancing, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  I think we could have easily filled another hour, but at least the party ended on a high, and they went off home happy with all of the crafty items they made during the day.  It was a really lovely, original way to spend my daughter's birthday - she had asked me to keep the details of the party secret  from her, so she didn't know what to expect.  At the end of the day I asked if it had met her expectations and she told me it had been better than she could have imagined...


So thank you!