Murder Mystery Parties for Kids

Headless Horseman Head Hunt


If your kids are into ghouls and ghosts and things that go bump in the night, than this is the party for them.


 Set the scene.  Dim the lights, decorate your home with spider web and put some spooky music on the CD player.


This Halloween a Ghost is visiting!

Product Summary

The guest arrive at your child’s birthday or Halloween party and find the ghost of a headless horseman wandering around your haunted home bumping into the furniture. He is searching for his lost head (as, obviously, the headless horseman cannot read without his lost head) he recruits the children into helping him to follow the clues and eventually find his missing head. Only when the head is found will the malevolent ghost leave your home.


(For younger children you can adapt this party to a ghost who has lost his glasses.)


Bats, Spiders, a Mummy, things that jump out of cupboards at them, blood dripping daggers and more.

You will need at least 2 people (adults or older children) to run this game one dressed as a headless horseman (full costume instructions given), and one to guide the game (probably yourself), if you have another adult that would like to join in they can dress as an Egyptian mummy for the mummy clue.  Will suit all ages, and ability.


I also include other Halloween/spooky games suggestions, and full instructions for a Potion Making suggestions (fully edible).


This game can be played with just a few children after trick or treating (make the last minute preparations when they are out so it is a surprise), or play it as the first game of your Halloween or Spooky Birthday Party, and get it off to a cracking start. 


The children will need to solve the clues and be prepared to encounter strange and scary things that make them jump out of their skin!


· Host Guide (Instructions)

· Themed Invitation to the Party

· Headless Horseman Costume Instruction

· 16 Clues to banish the Headless Horseman

· Printable props and signs

· Halloween Games

· Potions Class Instructions


· Various inexpensive Halloween props and items generally found around the house

· Costume (easy—make your own)

· Ingredients for Potions Class (optional)

Age: This party would suit all ages and ability ( probably 5 years to 10 years) younger children will require more help than the older ones, ideally to play at home.

Party timing: Would probably take about 1 hour to play, ideally to play as part of your Halloween Trick or Treating, or as part of a Halloween/Spooky Birthday party, with other party games.

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