Murder Mystery Parties for Kids


So what exactly am I getting for my money?

The games/parties are not boxed commercial games, they are designed to be printed from your computer and are my own invention.†† All games are delivered via e-mail or via immediate download.† Please take a look at the Payment and Delivery Page for more details on this.

Every game download is different, but if you have any questions please email me at I am always happy to help.

What are your Murder Mystery parties like?

They are based on clue hunt/treasure hunt ideas unlike the traditional Murder Mystery Parties which are based on a script idea, I find younger kids can get bored with these and if they struggle with reading or are embarrassed about reading out load this takes away a lot of the enjoyment of the party.† By using this clue hunting type format it also means that a mixture of ages and intellect can all enjoy the party together.†


The children do not usually have a scripted character; they play the role of a participant to the game without a specific task/character to play, so they may be a guest to a party, or part of a pirate team, or a fairy or a princess, sometimes they have names given to them, but not specific tasks,† by doing this everyone is on the same footing, and you can invite as many or as few guests as you wish.


However, there is character roles and these are usually played by the adults leading the party, when an adult character role is needed it is usually two adult roles i.e. Agent Black and Agent White in the Spy Party, and Professor Von Brown and The Expedition Leader in the Egyptian Party.† Donít worry the adult participation is kept very simple and believe me when I say a lot of fun!† (The only exception to this is the Little School of Horrors and Little School of Witches games where you have 8 scripted characters for the children to play, I suggest the age suitability for these games is 10 Ė13 years.† But I still add activities such as the Potion Class and lots of games to play which are optional.)†


The mystery is solved by the clue hunt and activities.† The clues can be rhyming, riddles, linked up with props, secret hieroglyphs or signs, they could be picture clues, they can lead to activities i.e. finger printing, a game, or a trail to follow.† There is a mixture of interesting activities included in the party idea, so there is no time to get board.


The games are all different and I try to give a good description of them on the individual game pages.† Games for the younger children include themed party games, some are interwoven into the mystery, therefore not departing from the traditional party they are used to, but adding to it in an original and exciting way.†


If you need to ask which one would be best for your childís age, sex, number of party goers etc. then please ask me I am always glad to advise or help


I try to make my party ideas as simple, and inexpensive as possible for the host, and as exciting and fun for the guests.† Why hire an expensive entertainer when you can do it yourself!


The mystery party ideas are different; the guests at your party wonít have played these games before.† Mysteries appeal to everyone, because we are all inquisitive, curious human beings.† The parties require the children to use their brains, their imagination is stimulated, but most of all they are FUN.† Please take a look at what our customers say.

What Age are the games for?

The parties are designed for Primary School age children 5 - 12 years.† Each party description has a recommended age detailed on itís page.

How Long will they take to play, and do I need to hire a venue, how much help will I need?

All these parties are designed to play at home, at a local community hall, or even a school event, so you can make your own choice.† I also have an extended version of the Pirate Party for outdoor/camp (ideal for brownie/guide/cubs/scout camps), just ask.††


The games are designed to be hosted easily and inexpensively by yourself.† Younger children will need more help than the older ones, I suggest you keep parties for younger children to a smaller number or invite other adults, or older children to help out.† In some games 2 adults are needed to play character roles.


The approximate time needed for most parties is 2ó2.5 hrs.

What preparation will the party require?

Again, each party is different, but all have invitations to send out, props to organize (these are usually things you will have around the house, or can borrow, can be cheaply bought, or I send you to be printed).† Some need costumes to be organized, some need a little printing some have more, you can print on either a colour or black and white printer, but I do recommend the invitations in colour as they look so much better.† But if you donít have a colour printer then why not use colour paper!

OK, so if I buy, what if itís not what I expected?

If you buy, and you are not satisfied with your purchase, or your little darling decides they want to be a spy and not a pirate, just let me know, I will gladly swop or give a full refund.


I only want satisfied customers!

What is a .pdf, and what software will I need to download it?


A .pdf is a file format that all computers can share, so whatever type of computer you have you will be able to open, view and print this document.† You will however, unless you have advanced Adobe software, not be able to amend the documents.


The software needed to view a .pdf is Adobe Reader, your computer will probably already have this installed.† But if it doesnít here is a link to download it for free, go to for more information or to download.


Please try the download method example on the Payment and Delivery page, if you have any problems please let me know because there is always a way to get the game to you if you experience a difficulty (which is very rare).

I still have questions I want answering!


Please email us at